๐Ÿ“œLease (scholarships)

The Koin Leasing system was intended to be so simple as is automated. The owners of the leased koins do not need to be constantly aware of any aspect of the lease, as the game resolves it for them.

The game has two menus: the first allows you to select an offered koin from a list and start training it for a certain time. The conditions of this lease are previously established by the owner of the koin, who is able to select either the single payment method or the percentage method.

In the case of a single payment, the lease is activated when the indicated payment is made.

In the case of percentage, it is not necessary to make a payment, but for each race won, the trainer shares the indicated percentage with the owner.

In both cases, the lease remains active for the specified time.

In the second menu, trainers that are available will be listed, and the owner of the koin can select who heโ€™d like to train their koin. In this case, a proposal is sent in which the payment system and duration can be customized.

When it comes to leases with a single payment system, the game will charge a commission of 5%, of which 2.5% will be reinvested into the maintenance of the site and in social activities (such as free races) and the rest will get burned.

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