Part of their physical attributes

They say just a quick exchange of glances is enough to really know a Koin.



Most koins have this personable appearance - you can clearly trust this little being.


Koins love sports, playing, and competing. You can tell from these eyes more than in the others.


When you obtain a koin with this common pair of eyes, you know they are thinking of winning the next race!


"Eyes on the target," they say, and this not-so-common look confirms these koins take those words very seriously.


Only those who defy the rules can break the mold, and they are the ones who usually sport this rare look.


Koins love speed, competition, and friendship, but did you know that some have a great interest in glamor? Itโ€™s that natural charm that leaves us fascinated.


Do you remember the cartoons of yesteryear? On rare occasions, some koins feature eyes that look like something out of that era. It's pure chance, we swear!


Itโ€™s very rare to come across a koin that has this mysterious look, which goes back to its cosmic origin and the great questions of the universe. Will they know the answers?


Koins that are able to combine glamour with mysticism in such a way are indeed unique. It is an honor to witness them compete and to be able to photograph them as they show off. Nowโ€ฆ if only you could find one!

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