All about the performance of koins during races

All koins are highly skilled at competing in races and other activities, but each one has certain statistical advantages over the others.

Your koin will never reveal these key details to you, they prefer to keep them a secret. But we can at least give you a brief description on each one so you can keep an eye out.


There is a maximum number of meters that your koin can travel in a given time. Catch it if you can!


Speed isn't everything. The fastest koin can tire before it reaches the finish line, and itโ€™s at that point where those with the most stamina take the lead.


Printing a speed boost at the right time can be the key to leaving other competitors in the dust ... or in this case, the foam.


Every koin ends up getting tired from so much effort, but those who manage to recover faster have an advantage. Gotta recharge your batteries!


Each trackuarium is different and there are many contextual elements that can influence koin concentration. Where a competitor shines is on his favorite road!


Where others think that all is lost, itโ€™s the courageous who give everything they have in those last few meters, being able to flip the outcome when you least expect it.


You tell a koin to jump and it will ask you "how high". They will never question the challenge, but the truth is that some koins can reach higher heights than others.


Do not underestimate an attack from a koin who knows how to train his strength. It can be very useful in disciplines that require muscle.


Whoever masters efficiency when it comes to moving his body, can master it all! Some koins practice to be as agile as possible.


All koins have a certain level of intellect they can apply in various aspects of their life. Some have more fun doing it than others, finding themselves incapable of resisting a good puzzle.


Motivated by their drive to start the competition, some koin are optimized to win those first milliseconds to start the race, which we all know can define the outcome.


Anything we do will always involve a component of luck, which although quite minimal, can have effect on them. Some koins are just luckier.

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