Initial page
Koins is a PVP-style, play and earn, transmedia racing game where players from all over the world compete against each other to reach the podium. All races are made up of 8 competing koins and only the first three places are rewarded with utility token.
You will be able to collect multiple koins, sign them up to compete in races, have them carry out activities, breed them and even train koins from other players. These actions require utility tokens, which can be obtained both by winning races and by completing general and daily quests.
The Koins game is part of a transmedia metaverse looking to expand through web series, podcasts, webcomics and more. The community of players is a key piece of this universe, since all their actions have an impact on the narrative and events.
How can I get rewards?
At Koins, we are looking to evolve the concept "play to earn" to "play and earn", since for us the fact that our game is fun is just as relevant as any other aspect.
With that being said, we are going to list the ways a player can earn rewards through the game:
  • Completing monthly missions or objectives.
  • Achieving first, second, or third place in koin (NFT) races.
  • Achieving first place in a tournament.
  • Breeding koins (NFT) and reselling them to other players.
  • Leasing your koins (NFT) to other players.
  • Leasing your Ai Tank.
  • Acquiring one or more Trackuarium Blocks (where the races are held) and receiving a percentage of the registration fees.
More details about Koins
The Koins Metaverse is built on a Layer 2 Polygon/Matic solution and uses a dual economy system made up of a governance token and a utility token. The governance token will not be exclusive to Koins.
The game is being developed with 3D models on top of multi-layered two-dimensional scenery. It will be possible to play it both from a web browser and on standard range mobile devices.
Races do not require real-time input from players: all possible settings are made by the player before the start of the race. Then, it is automatically disputed by the chosen koin. It is possible to watch the races while they are played in real time.
The performance of your koin in the races depends on several factors, among them the properties of the trackuarium in which the race is held and the Empathy Value that we have with the koin. Discovering these modifiers is part of the strategy to be the best trainer.
The focus of Koins is on their aspects of:
  • Transmedia, with each event around the game having an impact on the narrative universe around the koins, their cosmic origin and the mysteries that have not yet been revealed.
  • Collecting, with the possibility of acquiring, raising and selling koins (NFT). Among the realm of features, colors and abilities there are thousands of possible combinations, each more rare than the other.
  • Competing, with the possibility of training your own and others’ koins, win races and receive a good stream of rewards.
  • Community, with the participation of the players, implementation of feedback, possibility of obtaining profits from the Trackuariums.