Part of their physical attributes

They can remind us of sunrises, lakes and even bones, but the truth is that the spots on a koin are what give them character.


The most common pattern is this large spot near the eyes, as beautiful as a majestic sunrise.


In several cases, koins spots are so small, they resemble tiny puddles on a street, after a long-awaited drizzle.


Itโ€™s strangely familiar, that bearing these not so common spots give those koins that are born with them.


Every koin feels their chests ignite with a fiery passion when it comes time to compete, but only some literally show it in their spots.


This uncommon pattern looks like the koinsโ€™ bones are out of their skin. Don't worry! It's just an odd set of details that make it look great.


Itโ€™s one thing for your koin to be a star, but itโ€™s another, even rarer thing for it to literally have stars on its body. A wondrous sight to appreciate.


You can find koins that carry these rare spots crouching, waiting for the opponent to be distracted, then pouncing with full speed to snatch the victory.


Like a scaly daredevil, these very rare spots give a bold appearance to the koin that dons them.


Have you ever seen a koin blooming in spring? Well, not that it's going to happen, but these very rare spots are the closest thing to that idea.


There is no question that koins are a piece of art, but a few like to wear their own art on their bodies. Theyโ€™re full of surprises.

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